.....what i've felt, what i've known, never shine through in what i've shown.....

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Today's forecast - Virgo...

Today's Forecast
Do a little more research -- into your own soul. It's an excellent time to look deep within and determine where your heart lies. There have been some significant changes there recently.

The Bottom Line
Spin the globe and pick a spot -- it's time for you to satisfy some wanderlust.

In Detail
Blah, blah, blah -- aren't you tired of the same old excuses? It might be from your best friend, who's always late. It might be from your assistant, who can never keep your travel itinerary straight. It might be from yourself, about how you can never exercise because there's not enough time. Whatever it is, it's time to cut to the chase. No more excuses -- giving or taking them. It's time to just do it.

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